Friday, September 26, 2014

Monday 9.29 Ad Week Panel: The Evolution Has Begun!

I'm proud to once again be invited to moderate a panel during Advertising Week here in NYC, our topic: The Evolution Has Begun: The Relationship Between Celebrity & Media.

ABOUT: We live in a celebrity-fixated world where endorsements have become common practice and often necessary for brands, agencies, marketers and PR pro’s alike. Please join the Round Table Creative Media Group as we explore the evolutionary relationship between the media and celebrity. This panel will examine the evolutionary role that celebrities now play in today’s minute-by-minute media landscape.

The relationships between celebrities, brands and agencies has deepened across a myriad of media channels and become more nuanced to include the celebrity as brand. The depth of this integrated role has quickly moved beyond pure pay to play and we’re now seeing celebrities launch their own lifestyle oriented media such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP and Blake Lively’s Preserve.  Yet some celebrities are taking it a step further by creating new outlets to express their other creative talents. By partnering with ad industry veterans, they are setting the brand voice and overseeing the creative direction for their brand clients, evidenced by Van’s General Store, which Liev Schreiber co-founded.

Brands, Agencies and Talent are creating tomorrow’s content in more creative ways than ever thought possible, with consumers driving the discussion, trying to keep up no less lead is challenging; our panel will address the challenges and their own successes.

Panelists include Amy TunickGREY Activation & PR, a division of GREY and WPP; Peter Davis, newly appointed Executive Editor at The DAILY and soon-to-launch The DAILY Hollywood & Katherine Plunkett, Managing Director of Centaur Media's creative & marketing portfolio, &

Program begins at 9:30am on the Microsoft Stage, this is a ticketed event, contact me for more information. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Magic @ MAGIC

With a taste for style and sophistication it's always a pleasure to work with entrepreneurs and start-ups to provide guidance in marketing & branding. Great to see some terrific recognition for one such luxe brand, DelPiano NY 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moët & Chandon Launch Luxe Le & Pop-Up Resto @ L’Orangerie Estate

June 9th, Moët & Chandon lifted the veil on Le &, a pop-up luxury restaurant at its historic L’Orangerie estate featuring the cuisine of Yannick Alleno, a world-famous Michelin-starred chef. Open now through July 9th, the restaurant combines Alleno’s culinary technique with Moet winemaker Benoit Gouez’s expert understanding of Champagne to offer consumers an unprecedented gastronomic experience highlighting Champagne’s versatility with food.
Introduced to celebrate the release of Moët’s Grand Vintage 2006, its newest vintage bottling, the restaurant is not only a pilgrimage-worthy attraction for the luxury consumer, but makes for a fantastic news item as your readers plan their summer vacations. I’d love to work with you on a piece showcasing the unique experience it offers to Champagne lovers, francophiles and luxury travelers.

Le & offers 4 stand-out culinary experiences:
A “7 salt bar” showcases the effects of salinity on Champagne through texture and taste in a series of gourmet appetizers including dim sum with pork extract, Fregola Sarda with shellfish, oyster with cucumber extract and more.

The Cookooning Cellar is the restaurant’s main dining room connected to an open Molteni kitchen where pike terrine brioche with mushroom extract and butter with lobster coral is prepared to be served with Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage Collection 1985 – a fantastic magnum bottling from the house’s expansive cellar.

A Blind Shot Room, with all light and sound removed, offers guests the opportunity to heighten their senses of taste and smell while all other senses are deprived, so that they may focus only on the sublime sparks that fly when Champagne is married to gourmet cuisine.  

The Delice Club transforms the 19th-century estate into a contemporary lounge, where Alleno’s dessert courses are served along Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 1999 and Imperial Rose wines.
Reservations for Le & at Moët & Chandon can be made at, for 450 Euro per person, with a minimum party size of 4 people

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Ignites a New Visual Identity: Buccellati’s First-Ever Entry into Tech

The "new" world economy is upon us. Luxe is back, and bigger than ever, from Basel News in Switzerland comes Buccellati's introduction of a solid-gold made-to-order iPhone case from one of the world’s most distinguished family-built, haute-jewelry houses in Europe.

"Since 1919, every piece coming out of the house has been designed by a Buccellati family member, beginning with Mario in 1919, followed by his son, Gianmaria, then Andrea and finally his daughter, Lucrezia, who assumes co-design responsibilities on the brand’s new collections in 2014 and onward."

"In representing the youngest generation of Buccellati design, it is only natural for Lucrezia to challenge the family’s expert artisans with an unexpected product that will be released during Baselworld 2014 – completely solid gold iPhone and iPad mini cases blanketed by illustrations of the sun inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s historic drawings. Each sun has been molded, sculpted, and encrusted with precious diamonds by the skilled hands of an artisan. Along with masterfully illustrating the link between the past and the future, the collectors’ items also mark a specific moment in time as only the fleeting nature of technology can."

Sadly though, as any die-hard Apple-fan knows, the release from this venerable design-icon may come too late for those with a high-enough expendable income to afford such luxuries. The new iPhone 6 will premiere by September (if not August, I hope) and exhibit it's own blingy Saphire Glass screen with a larger form-factor (most likely 4.7"), making this little charmer more quaint than necessary. But then, you'll simply have to order up a new one, as they're all individually hand-crafted to order. 
Lucrezia Image:

**UPDATE: I just received this intriguing KickStarter option for those looking for an alternative to bling and seeking functionality for your life "on the go," TaskLab developed an iPhone case that makes your smartphone even smarter. If you'd like to support the little guy, take a look at what entrepreneur Addison Shelton and his team at TaskLab has dreamt up.

"myTask" not only protects your iPhone, but it also incorporates a hidden compartment with a range of tools designed to help in times of need and customized for your life. The shell case is slim, beautifully designed, looks and feels great.  Also, it is fully TSA compliant and weighs a feathery 65 grams so barely adds any bulk to your phone.

  • myTask BIKE includes tire patches, wrenches, a screw driver and a bottle opener. All of our tools are manufactured of the highest quality 440C stainless steel and Polycarbonate. 
  • myTask URBAN is outfitted with an array of travel tools including: a pen/stylus, bottle opener, mirror, LED light, USB drive, large 2" scissors, eye-glass screwdrivers, nail file, ruler, tweezers and more.
  • myTask STASH features the slide-out tray that you can customize to hold whatever you want!

You can learn more about myTask at and on their site here:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Miu Miu Makes Fashion History: Stunning Storytelling

Miu Miu invests in great storytelling, as the film Spark & Light highlights. The film debuted this week, directed by So Yong Kim stars Riley Keough and is set to an original soundtrack by Icelandic electronic band mùm which was screened this past week at the Diamond Horseshoe in New York. The seventh short film of the series is a moving reflection of So Yong Kim’s keen eye for the subtle intricacies of family bonds.

This latest addition to Miu Miu's Women's Tales is redolent of So Yong Kim's previous features—such as For Ellen, Treeless Mountain and Inbetween Days, which won a Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. "I've always been obsessed with family dynamics," says the Korean born American writer and director, "I'm always trying to develop my understanding of that."

The series has premiered films at a bevy of notable film events including the Venice Film Festival since it launched in 2011 when Miuccia Prada commissioned international female directors to bring the brand to life in unique and interesting, often haunting ways. The series can be seen in total at